Let Shalom Place help you

find your inner LIGHT!

Shalom Place was founded as a ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie

It continues the tradition that began with the spiritual ministry at "Mount St. Joseph Retreat Centre" back in the 1970s and which later evolved into the "St. Joseph's Spiritual Growth Ministry" at the former Catholic Centre on Albert Street (currently Vincent Place). 

From June 2000 to June 2012, "Shalom House of Prayer" continued this ministry.

With the help of many benefactors and volunteers, the Sisters of St. Joseph 

have reached out to assist and encourage people to experience God’s great love 

through prayer, personal growth and sharing in community. 

The motto of the Sisters, “The Love of Christ has made us ONE”, 

has been tangibly experienced by many people of various faith backgrounds

We have all been very enriched by this ecumenical sharing 

with our Christian sisters and brothers.

And so, Shalom Place continues in this tradition 

and seeks to provide a relaxing, reflective and prayerful space 

for those seeking a greater connection with self, with others, and with God. 

The word "SHALOM" means harmony, peace, and wholeness. 

These gifts from God describe our desire and hope for all who come to Shalom Place

 for renewed faith, discernment and enlightenment on their inner journey.

Come and experience our peaceful space and learn how to take time for your inner life.

Even Jesus had to pull back from activity and become restored in quiet and reflection!