Shalom Place was founded as a ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie. 

This ministry is about assisting those persons who are searching 

for more meaning and who yearn to grow in their life of faith and spirituality.


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The Journey

by Barbara Ianni csj

In this reflection the “40 days – 40 nights” 

symbolizes not only Lent but one’s whole life.

40 days - 40 nights the Lord calls us to this Journey

As usual, when we go on a Journey we pack our bags

What will we need, what might we need, and then, just in case ...

And of course the hampers of food

We are ready, Lord

And the Lord sees our generosity our hearts' wanting to follow

and He smiles (at our baggage)

This God who loves us unconditionally, this God of steadfast love

Does not criticize our preparation

Rather he welcomes our willingness to Journey into the unknown

And so we set out 40 days - 40 night

At first all is well and the Lord smiles

However, it is not long before we begin to find

the baggage and the hampers more than we can carry

But "Look," says the Lord "There are some poor ones.

Why not share with them!"

And so it goes through 40 days - 40 nights

As we Journey we let go of all but The Essential

No, it is not what we would have chosen but, it is how we find ourselves

It is painful, it is not what we thought it would be - Jesus smiles

40 days - 40 nights 

Only gradually do we come to the realization Jesus Is Enough

We begin to forget our weariness our regret at our losses

our sore and aching feet

Then one day we see darkness and Jesus says "Keep close to me

You have experienced many of your limitations through these

40 days - 40 nights

But I encourage you to be brave for before we reach our final destination

We, together, must suffer the ultimate limitation.

Be not afraid I am with you I will show you how

So shall we after our 40 days - 40 nights Celebrate With Jesus

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